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Posted by: David Cuss
Date/Time: 04/09/14 18:26:00

I am not sure that this issue is down to TW or any other specific contractor. There is something seriously amiss with the approval/allocation process in Hounslow Council. In addition to the absurd overkill with the suspension mentioned in my earlier post (which was for a residential move), we had a further suspension a few weeks later for some TW works outside the same house across the road from us. The suspension ran for 5 consecutive days across the weekend, and blocked both (!) sides of the road - some 25m on one side and 15m on our side. In actual fact, the works required one transit sized van for about half a day,on one side of the road only, with 2 hours tidy up the following Monday.

If anyone can shed any light on the motivation and approval process for Hounslow officials to inflict such unnecessary and draconian inconvenience on permit-paying residents - I would be most interested!

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