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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Parking Suspensions
Posted by: David Cuss
Date/Time: 04/09/14 17:58:00

Absolutely right - Hounslow don't give a shit and ride roughshod over residents who have paid through the nose for parking permits. I would not advocate parking even with a note. I challenged a PCN recently under the following circumstances and got nowhere. Even though I only parked for 15 mins to load a few things into my car, I had not seen that the REAR side of the Parking Bay suspension notice said "No Waiting, No Loading". This was not visible from the road. I thought I had plenty of grounds to appeal. Here is an extract from the letter I wrote:

"There was a temporary parking suspension in place at the time, however my car was only there for a matter of minutes as I was loading some items in my car, prior to going out at approximately 10:05.

The Parking Bay suspension sign did not specify “No Waiting, No Loading”. I therefore believe that I was perfectly within my rights to use the free space for temporary loading.

Furthermore, I am quite sure that that the signage that was used was not in compliance with the Road Traffic Regulation act 1984 – Sections 64 and 65."

I went on to ask the following - which received no response:

"I would also like an explanation as to why such a large section of residents parking space, for which residents have paid permit fees, was allocated? The total distance was in excess of 30 metres and spanned the width of 4 large houses, room for at least 5 cars.

At the time in question, my neighbour’s move was in its final stage, and their removals van was outside their house at number 74, some 20 metres from where I parked. There was plenty of space - in fact several empty bays. Over the entire 4 day period of the suspension there was never any any point any need for this amount of space. Much of the time there was at least 25 metres of parking space empty, and even when the removals van was there, only 50% of the suspended space was needed."

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