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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Currency Union
Posted by: Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 03/09/14 10:30:00

Or possibly Residual or Remaining UK.

I can see no possible advantage for RUK in running a currency union, as generally understood, with an independent Scotland. Perhaps others can?

Just imagine the years of on going whinges from the Nats that the currency union was not being run to the advantage of Scotland, blah, blah, paranoid blah, blah.

An independent Scotland has three currency options;

1. Establish their own currency.
2. Apply immediately to join the EU and the Euro.
3. Continue to use the pound but exerting absolutely zero authority over how that currency is operated.  

We will incidentally have to brace ourselves for the pro-independence lobby going into media hype overdrive after the referendum. Win or lose we must prepare for a tidal wave of tartan propaganda that everything that has ever gone wrong in Scotland and everything that will go ever wrong in Scotland is nothing to do with the Scots ......

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