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Posted by: Pete Mayes
Date/Time: 29/08/14 19:46:00

northern estates that are english.....couple of stories robert that made me my taxi 15 years ago an arab woman worked in the City she said  she wanted to move further out but not sure where i suggested Chiswick with that she said " no I wouldnt want to live there too many white people" Funny what you remember isnt it.

The best one was a young asian girl ,lovely person took her from linklaters she lived in eastcote/rayners lane area.
She was getting married but had the worry of buying a house.I said was she going to live round here " oh no there are too many asians"   Think im joking Robert thats what she said Bizarre I thought,

Words on a laptop  do not adequately explain my views Robert

i want to live in a society that has my values plenty of blacks e europes and asians have those values whereas plenty of feral english whites do not ,calling me a Racist is a joke.

Living in the leafy streets of Chiswick and maybe lucky to have had /have a nice career we are protected from the undercurrents that are running through many parts of England.

I met a work collegue from chester ,he had lived in Harrow in the late 70s he said he drove through it recently and could not believe "what a dump " it had become. Harrow for gods sake..well harrow is where many of my inner london friends moved to when they got married ,but because it has gone down the tubes they have all moved on.Well not all but the ones that still live around the area makes sure they never shop there ...

Have a good weekend Robert

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