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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 29/08/14 17:42:00

I think it is misogyny - see the article in today's Times about how endemic a desire to repress, thwart and punish women is in some cultures.  Women who won't 'toe the line' - for example who don't wear clothing that covers them up - burkas in the most extreme form - are to them deserving of rape - it is one way of subjugating them.  Personally, I think these should be classed as hate crimes as well as sex crimes.  Is that about power?  Perhaps it is about power, racism and hatred of a different culture and a different view of women all rolled into one. 

The overarching issue is a lack of acceptance of what British culture has been, and a violent disagreement with the established views of personal freedoms - eg the rights of women (hard-won in this country not that long ago) as well as of our laws.  Lack of integration between different cultures is causing huge problems all over the country and the way girls have been treated here is just one example. 

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