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Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 28/08/14 18:01:00

"Sociologist Frank Furedi has stated that CRB checks cannot provide a "cast-iron guarantee that children will be safe with a particular adult", and that their use has created an atmosphere of suspicion and is "poisoning" relationships between the generations, with many ordinary parents finding themselves regarded as "potential child abusers".

I'm no sociologist but I have undertaken enough Child Protection training to work that out a long, long time ago. I have left some training sessions feeling exceptionally depressed at the attitude that we all seem to be potential abusers unless we can somehow prove otherwise. What really pisses me off, is the way these ridiculous checks have been hijacked by some employers whether or not the job involves children or vulnerable adults and they are blighting people's job prospects so unfairly. If we actually had a climate of openness and supported whistle blowers properly then people would report any wrongdoing or suspicions on the spot. As Rotherham shows there is more of a climate of arse covering than protection, we all ought to be ashamed.

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