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Topic: Stamford Brook Park Playground
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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 12/08/10 17:27:00

This morning, while exercising my dog, I came across the Continental workmen removing the entire children's playground.  I could clearly see that some of the wooden posts were rotten but under (yes you've guessed it) Health and Safety they are not allowed to repair it.  They also told me that the recently installed fencing would also be removed and the site would be left as is - ie the demarcated area covered in wood chippings. (soon to become the best dog loo in town!!!)

This is all because we have no money to provide a new playground which is fair enough but I would like to put in a plea to Hounslow (John Todd can you help?) to leave the fencing where it is, tidy up the chippings and put up some notices to keep dogs out (cheaper than removing the fencing) so that young children can continue to play there without the risk of dog mess and those who come to the park wanting a peaceful lunch can also go there.  Alternatively, remove the chippings and wood surround, put in some top soil and I will come and sow appropriate grass seed - this is the right time to do it.

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