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Posted by: James Holmes-Siedle
Date/Time: 22/12/15 09:46:00

Actually, as a local business, I can completely see the role of a town centre manager.

I first met her a month ago when she was at the Christmas lights opening - and we discussed the option of a local market (to give Chiswick a Heart) and she highlighted that the only feedback she had was negative because of the fear of parking ..... look at Kew monthly where they actually shut a complete road and the market is great - why won't people 'try' something rather than just apply the fear of parking/inconvenience.

What is better than a pop-up - a closed shop with circus posters in it? - or more charity shops?

Come on - generating footfall helps all the traders and having a central point to discuss the issues (over and above our local Councillors, some of whom do an excellent job).

There are lots of aspersions cast against landlords in the area - greed is normally cited, but the council rates far outstrip any level of rental charged, and no landlord wants an empty unit - they are probably subject to some of the strongest market forces of any of the high street 'traders' and if we don't support the 'independents' then they cannot afford to run their businesses. A small shop in Devonshire road probably clocks in at £100K (rent, rates, staff) a year before you have sold a single product, so every pound you can spend to support them means they are more likely to be there in another year.

Chiswick is crying out for something more interesting in it's centre rather than a car park ...... but that is  a whole can of worms, with residents wanting parking and the council wanting money from parking :)

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