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Topic: Re:Re:Is there a pattern here?
Posted by: Phil Andrews
Date/Time: 20/12/15 13:03:00

The Engagement Officer ones certainly were, so I assume the others were also. 

Of course the selection processes would have been held in camera - nothing sinister about that in itself of course, but the question remains as to why Hounslow, at a time when it is being forced by government austerity measures to make savings, is going out of its way to employ people in roles the very existence of which (in the case of the Community Engagement Officers at least) it is ideologically opposed to.

Some investigation is also called for into the situation prior to the 2014 local elections in which a consultant engaged to work with Councillor Curran in his then capacity as Lead Member for Housing seemed to drift seamlessly into the role of his personal adviser.  More on this anon.

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