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Posted by: Cllr Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 18/12/15 13:36:00

"Perhaps one of our councillors could advise what she did to earn her corn over the last 18 months."

The following extracts from the minutes of the Chiswick Area Forum may be of assistance;

Meeting of Chiswick Area Forum, Tuesday, 21 July 2015 7:30 pm (Item 22.)

Chiswick Town Centre Update - Rachel Victor-Sampson -Town Centre Manager - Regeneration & Economic Development

Rachel Victor-Sampson, Town Centre Manager, gave a Powerpoint presentation outlining some of the projects she was working on.

Ms Victor-Sampson advised that as part of her role she supported retailers and businesses within the Chiswick Business Collective. Her role involved promoting, marketing and supporting the development of both Chiswick Town Centre and Brentford Town Centre. She worked as an advocate to local businesses and stakeholders. Ms Victor-Sampson advised that she held regular meetings with Business leaders from both areas on improving general business conditions and urban regeneration.

Ms Victor-Sampson advised that she had been involved in the ‘Supporting the Great British High Street project’ focussing on the development of unused and underdeveloped spaces. She advised that she was involved in the opening of ‘pop-up’ shops in empty units on Chiswick High Road to encourage footfall and shoppers to Chiswick.

Ms Victor-Sampson advised that a Town Centres Board met bi-monthly to discuss new projects such as developing a Chiswick Business Improvement District. Ms Victor-Sampson advised that the potential for a regular market in Chiswick was also being explored. The street market would be held on a Sunday once a month.

A request had been received to extend the current 30 minutes free parking in certain areas in order to improve trade for local businesses and traders.

Ms Victor-Sampson advised that several requests for community events on Turnham Green had also been received. However, Councillor Lee expressed concern and opposition to the use of Turnham Green for any commercial events. He emphasised that Turnham Green was a community space for local community events. He advised that an ombudsman ruling in 1998 had made the use of the Turnham Green very clear. He felt it was essential to ensure that Turnham Green did not negatively impact the lives of residents living nearby. Councillor Lee emphasised that he was not opposed to local school and community events. However, he was strongly opposed to Turnham Green being used for commercial events and becoming a ‘cash cow’.

Councillor Davies expressed concern that a Chiswick Street Market would have a negative impact on surrounding residential streets in terms of parking. She expressed concern that visitors to the market would park in nearby residential roads resulting in displacement parking and congestion.

Councillor Barwood also expressed concern about displacement parking. She felt that the current allowance of 30 minutes free parking was not enough and she felt that it should be extended to 45 minutes free parking. The Town Centre Manager advised that she would look into the matter of disabled parking.

Ms Victor-Sampson advised that some Chiswick Traders and residents had requested a Business Improvement District two years ago. She advised that £10K had been secured to take the project forward. In response to questions, the Town Centre Manager advised that each business would pay a levy and then they would receive an enhanced service.

A member of the public spoke on behalf of the traders on Turnham Green Terrace. He reminded Ms Victor-Sampson of the other nearby shopping areas including Devonshire Road and Turnham Green Terrace and he urged the Council to remember them for projects such as the Christmas lights.

The Chair thanked Ms Victor-Sampson for her presentation.


That the Chiswick Area Forum noted the projects being undertaken by the Town Centre Manager.

Chiswick Area Forum - JULY 2014
Introduction of the new Town Centre Manager
Rachel Victor-Sampson agreed to look at the issue of the expansion of Estate Agencies and Charity Shops, and their impact on the retail offer in Chiswick.

Rachel Victor-Sampson, Town Centre Manager, explained that she had been appointed as the town centre manager for both Brentford and Chiswick. She had spent her first few weeks getting to know local shopkeepers and stakeholders. She would also be looking at the issue of Chiswick’s Christmas lights.  Councillor Todd suggested that S.106 money could be allocated to this project. Ms Victor-Sampson explained that the main stumbling block was the cost of installing and removing the additional lights.

Councillor Todd welcomed Ms Victor-Sampson and asked what budget she had to allocate in Chiswick. She explained that she didn’t have a budget for the town centres, but that, for example, grant funding could be obtained to pay for a project.

Councillor McGregor asked whether anything could be done about the expansion of Estate Agencies and Charity Shops, and their impact on the retail offer in Chiswick. Ms Victor-Sampson noted that the issue was only manageable through planning use classes, or by letting agents, but she agreed to monitor the issue.

The Chair asked what Ms Victor-Sampson wanted to achieve in her first year. Ms Victor-Sampson explained that she wanted to support retailers to retain the vibrancy of the shopping offer in Chiswick.

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