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Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 21/12/15 10:33:00

To come at this from another perspective, not that long ago I had a professional 'run-in' with the Barnes Town Centre Manager who essentially led a concerted and highly organised campaign about my client's proposals, despite them being entirely in accordance with the Council's planning policies.

To me (and certainly to my client) it seemed rather 'wrong' that on the one hand at least 50% of this person's salary was being paid for the Council, yet on the other she was acting entirely against the Council - personally speaking I felt she became far too personally involved in the matter and should have stepped back at an early stage to let local people take the lead, rather than still being the loudest objector when the application came before committee (where it was approved). 

So had that Manager had any planning qualifications, she'd have probably felt unable to get involved from the very beginning and no doubt then the locals would have said she was useless.

And, in all my years, I've never come across a town centre manager with any kind of architectural or planning qualification, nor, whilst I know of many qualified planners who have gone off to do something different to planning, such as GIS, I've never known of any such individual become a town centre manager.

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