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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 12/12/15 17:04:00

I don't see how it can be Brian unless they some how 'fix' issues such as noise and air pollution, and emissions, as these all breach legal limits currently and a new runway will only make it worse. If they try to fix it they will have to go to a judicial review, there are enough wealthy people who would fund taking them to court over the issue.

Coupled with Heathrow's current refusal to confirm to other Davies stipulations, including a ban on night flights, and a refusal to rule out a third runway, that will make it very difficult.

Oh, and there is the little matter of who will pay the 20bn or so needed for expansion - Willie Walsh of BA no less said in the Times yesterday that if the airlines have to pay for it, as seems likely as the government is refusing to stump up taxpayer money for most of it, the cost of flights would be so prohibitive people wouldn't use Heathrow.

Then there is the safety issue that was buried in the Davies report...these are all very serious concerns. Some of them apply to Gatwick but Gatwick could expand now, much more cheaply, within legal limits.

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