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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 11/12/15 14:14:00

I disagree, Adam.  There are insurmountable problems with expanding Heathrow, as I listed above.  Plus, as Boris said last night, it is a myopic vision of the future.  Even if they give it the go ahead in the summer there will be years of reviews and court cases and delays and then it will be kicked into the long grass again as it has been so often before.  So we will end up having no expanded airport capacity. 

Personally that doesn't bother me but airport expansion is not about what individuals want, (unless they come together en masse), including whether it is more convenient because of where you personally live to fly from Heathrow or Gatwick (although I am sure most people involved with developing property around here think that Heathrow's proximity will help them sell it - I think they may be wrong unless they are selling purely to business people who want to live here for a few years and then move somewhere quieter in the future if a third runway proves too noisy).

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