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Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 11/12/15 13:22:00

Usually the N9 to Heathrow if it's early/late, or the 65 to South Ealing then the Piccadilly line.  Admittedly both do involve me holding a ski bag rather intimately, but the journey isn't long and at most I only have to negotiate one set of stairs at South Ealing.

As for Gatwick, usually train from Kew Bridge to Clapham Junction, then train from Clapham Junction to Gatwick.  Which involves a 10 minute walk to Kew Bridge, lugging the ski bag down one set of stairs to the platform, then lugging the ski bag both down and up set of stairs at Clapham Junction, the same intimate journey holding onto the ski bag, then the palava at Gatwick to get out the station and often on the monorail to the north terminal.

Of course we could just leave the ski gear at home, but the whole point of having it is the long-term saving on the cost of renting gear.

Not however that I think my personal circumstances are particularly worthy - I simply genuinely prefer Heathrow as an airport and always try to fly from there whenever possible.

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