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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:How is this justified?
Posted by: Michael Adams
Date/Time: 02/10/15 08:58:00

Andrzej Kowalski pointed out-

"The price being charged for the craft fair, on the
day, is 18 which includes entry to Kew Gardens - so
the price being charged for the craft fair is an
additional 1.50. This hardly seems excessive."


So you don't consider that charging people 18 to
visit a craft fair in the autumn, when they might
otherwise have no interest in actually visiting
Kew Gardens, not to be excessive ?

When they can visit craft fairs outside, for free ?

To say nothing of the argument that the standard
entrance fee might be reduced during the autumn
and winter seasons when there is less to see.
And when the cold or inclement weather is a
clear disincentive as it is with most outdoor

Presumably it's as a result of seeing lower attendance
figures for this time of year that some bright spark
in the marketing department came up with the ruse
of charging people an extra 1.50 - 18 in total
for the dubious additional pleasure of visiting a
craft fair which might be a total washout.

As a seller, craft fairs which offer free or low
admission charges are likely to attract far more
potential customers - and thus can justify a
higher participation fee. For others which
charge unrealistic admission, as here, as a
seller it might not even be worth turning up.
At any price. 

I'm not sure whether there's a garden shop in
Kew Gardens where people can buy shovels to
dig holes for themselves.
But shovels are certainly available in the Syon
Park Garden Centre. Which they had the
good sense, to open to the general public without
first requiring paid admission to the house and
gardens itself.

michael adams


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