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Topic: Re:Re:How is this justified?
Posted by: Michael Adams
Date/Time: 01/10/15 22:13:00

Andrzej Kowalski
pointed out -

" I think that you're making the wrong comparison. 
Kew Gardens isn't a retailer like M&S.

No you're right it isn't. However, in case you
hadn't noticed, unlike M&S Kew Gardens already
charges £16 for admission. Which I imagine is
the point being made.

Having already been charged £16 admission why
should people be expected to pay even more ?
When, especilly at this time of year, with
shorter days and little besides autumn colour to
offer, a craft  fair might be  seen as  a good
way of getting people through the gates.

Talk about shooting themselves in the foot.

michael adams

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