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Topic: Re:How is this justified?
Posted by: Andrzej Kowalski
Date/Time: 01/10/15 21:50:00

I think that you're making the wrong comparison.  Kew Gardens isn't a retailer like M&S.  It doesn't make money out of sales as M&S does.  In this context, it's a property manager.  It has an asset on which it wishes to make a profit.  It will cost it a certain amount X to make the property available.  So it needs an income Y which is greater than X to make it worthwhile making the property available and to make a profit which is the whole point of the exercise.  That income Y can come from the stall holders  or the public or a combination.  If the stall holders are charged too much, then their sales won't cover their costs so they won't come and you won't have a craft sale at all. Judging by what I've seen of craft fairs I'd guess that the prices that stall holders can be charged are quite low.  So the public needs to be charged.  Of course if the public is charged too much then they won't come either. So it's a question of judging how much value the public place on attending such an event.  For some, the value will be nil and any entrance fee will put them off.

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