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Topic: Re:Yellow box junctions
Posted by: Robin Cox
Date/Time: 08/07/15 00:03:00

"For the last 3 days"

It's becoming more common.

I've noticed this happening at many box junctions
in London where right turns are permitted.

"As far as I am aware, the highway code rule174 has not changed"

The law hasn't changed but what has changed
is driver behaviour as a result of the fear of
being caught on camera.

Virginia's post above sums this up.

Drivers intending to turn right from SCR onto the
A4 westbound are afraid to enter and stop in the box
in case they are caught on camera.

Whether this box junction is monitored by cameras is

Some drivers also stay out of bus lanes even when
the bus lane is not operating for the same reason.

I used to use this junction for a daily commute to
Windsor in 1990-92 and there was a filter arrow for
right turning traffic back then, which was subsequently

The 2012 proposals by TfL for improving this junction
appear to have been abandoned or forgotten.

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