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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Yellow box junctions and roundabouts
Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 07/07/15 05:57:00

The stupidity of many drivers at that right turn (north to south on junction of SCR and A4) has long been the cause of some very dangerous driving by others overtaking them on the left and pulling in front of them to turn right onto the westbound A4. These drivers then try to make the right turn as fast as possible, and on occasions I am sure this has been the cause of collisions with drivers crossing the A4 in the opposite direction.

And many drivers DO suddenly decide to squeeze into the left hand lane to get past Mr Dopey, often causing the left hand traffic to brake suddenly to let them in. One did this in front of an E3 bus I was on last week, causing the bus driver to stamp on his brakes, sending everyone on the bus lurching all over the place. That driver was a black cab.

In America, they recognise the stupidity of many drivers. On such junctions they have a huge sign on the far side of the junction which says "Turning RIGHT? (left in the USA, of course) PULL UP TO HERE. With a huge arrow, for those that can only understand simple pictures.

It's the same for drivers turning right off the A4 into SCR North at the same junction. Many drivers refuse to pull forward into the right turn filter lane so that several cars can get through on the next light phase. The danger of cars behind them pulling left into the fast moving traffic to get past is only too obvious, but nothing has ever been done to explain to the dopeys where they should pull forward to.

You would think it's common sense, but as we know that particular sense is in fact the least common. It's just another example of the growing modern disease of "I am the only person in the world, nobody else exists".

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