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Topic: Re:Re:Yellow box junctions
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 07/07/15 18:05:00

"I appealed both and was turned down as there was no view, from the angle that the mobile traffic camera photo was taken from, showing that my exit was clear"

There is a specific exemption in the regulations that allows you to stop on the yellow box while waiting to turn right if you are "prevented from completing the right turn by oncoming vehicles or other vehicles which are stationary whilst waiting to complete a right turn".  If you were stopped because of oncoming traffic, you should not have been penalised.  The state of the exit is immaterial while oncoming traffic prevents your movement.

Are these PCNs still live or did you pay up?  Even if you did pay, they might be persuaded to refund the penalty if there is clear evidence that they have misapplied the law.  If you want to pursue this, feel free to send me details at

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