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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 10/03/15 14:16:00

Keith, the problem is, there just aren't any more officers to put on at night.Police numbers have been slashed.Traffic units have been virtually wiped out.The politicians think traffic police are surplus to requirements.They are not needed as revenue raisers handing out tickets now that everywhere is swamped with cameras.As the numbers of PCSO's have increased, the number of police officers has been reduced.Some parts of London do not have enough officers to provide a proper service.They are unable to provide a response to emergency calls, so the calls are altered.When a 999 call is made, the operator taking the call will take the details, decide what response is needed, and send that call to the station that has responsibility for the area where the response is needed.The call will be graded either I, S or E.If it is an I grade, it has been graded Immediate, requiring an immediate response.An S grade means Soonest, meaning the call should get a respone within the hour.E is extended, no time restrictions.Someone will attend when an officer is free.Many I grade calls are now sent to stations where they have no officers to respond, so the station will downgrade the call to an S grade call.They then have an hour to respond instead of 8 minutes.That doesn't mean that call will get a response in that time.I have seen calls that started as an I grade, had been downgraded to an S grade, but had still not had a response after 2 days.The most serious calls will always get the next officer that becomes available.Less serious crimes will usually not get a response at all.This is because the officers that are available will always be dispatched to the most serious call.And they never stop coming in.So if you've been burgled, don't expect to see an officer any time soon.

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