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Topic: it's a funny old world
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 10/03/15 12:10:00

I was reading the blog of Sgt Dave Turtle, the home beat officer for Turnham green.He tells us that this week he and his colleagues have been engaged in bringing operation safeway to Chiswick high road.Operation Safeway's aim is to inform motorists through education and enforcement,of their responsibilities under the road traffic act.He claims the whole purpose of Operation safeway is to prevent cycle deaths in London.He then goes on to say"stopped three cyclists who had sped through red lights.When I advised them of this, they became angry and refused to accept their offence"He continues"I also called into Stamford Brook bus garage to chat with bus drivers and listen to their concerns over local road users.The most common complaint was cyclists trying to overtake buses from the inside lane" So, the police are willing to prosecute motorists for failing to comply with the highway code, but cyclists it seems are able to run red lights at speed, be argumentative with a police officer and put theirs, and others lives at risk by overtaking buses on the nearside.What I would like to know is, why were there no arrests ? It is strange that the police are taking steps to reduce the number of cyclists killed on our roads, yet cyclists seem to be doing their best to actually get themselves killed.It's a funny old world,

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