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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Wheelie bins - fight not over!
Posted by: Marie-Louise Rabouhans
Date/Time: 10/11/14 17:32:00

I am afraid that even being in a Conservation Area (which the Council has a duty to "preserve and enhance") does not exempt you from wheelie-bins.

Many of the streets in WCGS's patch fall within one of three CAs and yet they have been included in this phase of the roll-out (as Gail has posted, this is no longer a trial). Our streets contain a range of properties, including a significant amount of terraced housing with small front gardens and no side access. WCGS worked hard to establish our CAs and we have no wish to see parts of them degraded by the 24/7 presence of large green plastic wheelie bins.

When I wrote to Steve Curran and Amrit Mann on 30 October asking for a delay in implementation so that we could find workable local solutions, I pointed out that:

The permanent presence of one or several 140-litre wheeled bins in each small front garden will have a very negative impact on the street-scene and on the amenity of properties, especially ground-floor flats, and will neither preserve nor enhance the character of the CA.

I also pointed out that:
The blanket imposition of wheeled bins would
(1) do significant harm to the street-scene in some areas; (2) conflict with Council planning policies concerning context and character, with guidance such as that provided in  the leaflets about the value of front gardens and with initiatives such as the recent Area Forum Street Improvement Fund for, for example  "small environmental improvement schemes ......enhancement to the streetscape specifically within conservation areas to enhance their protected status..."

I am still awaiting a response.

Marie Rabouhans
Chairman, WCGS

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