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Topic: Re:Re:Wheelie bins - fight not over!
Posted by: Jenn Irvine
Date/Time: 09/11/14 19:31:00

I cannot make the area forum on Tuesday but would like to make my feelings known so have emailed Matthew.  From my point of view:

The council must consider how many residents will not be able to maneouver these cumbersome bins through their houses or even simply across their gardens.  They sound like a hazard/serious safety issue for any elderly residents or anyone with a physical disability. 

The Glebe Estate and the ABCs are now considered only one step behind conservation areas (I'm forgetting the proper term) thanks to our petitioning regarding the council's desire to pave the sidewalks with tarmac... we had that overturned but it took a lot of doing. We were able to save the pavements by telling them we didn't want our street scene destroyed.  With terraced houses, the bins will be no different and will definitely have an impact on how the roads look.  That should be the nail in the coffin for this ridiculous plan - it certainly was with the tarmac!  The council deemed the Glebe Estate and the ABCs 'nearly conservation areas' (again, have forgotten the proper term!) only recently... surely they aren't about to go back on their word by imposing these revolting bins. 

The council are trying to save a few bob at our expense.  Please go to the forum  on the 11th good people of Chiswick - make some noise and don't let them do it!!

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