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Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 01/11/14 21:47:00

"The problem, as with so many other things, is that our local services such as street cleaning are now in the hands of private, for-profit contractors."

But Westminster's street cleaning is operated by a "private for-profit contractor", Veolia, and is done to a high standard.  I think you'll find that Munich outsource their street cleaning too.

The idea that private-sector companies can't deliver good services is misguided.  But Hounslow need to build into the contract the service standards that they require and how they are to be measured.  The evidence on the High Road suggests that they haven't done this, or that they are not monitoring performance.

Also, I note that Veolia are responsible for both waste collection and street cleaning in Westminster.  Having these functions split between two contractors in Hounslow is part of the problem, I suspect.

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