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Topic: Filthy High Road again!
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 31/10/14 13:18:00

Just been for coffee at Valentina and walked back down the High Road to Turnham Green Terrace.  Around almost every tree are a collection of bags and other bits and pieces and it was midday.

What is wrong with Hounslow Council that they cannot get to grips with this problem?  It is a disgrace and with lunchtime approaching there are a lot of people having to walk through composting leaves and bursting rubbish bags and those sitting outside cafes on this lovely day are having to look at that.

I really do think that the only way to get their attention to be more effective in street cleansing is to have a major protest up and down the High Road with invitations to all the press to witness what we have to put up with.

The residential streets are not much better.  Last week it was leaf sweeping in our street.  Because it had been left for so long the sweepers took 2 days and then they left half the piles behind and the road not properly cleansed.

Do we ever see any machines doing the main roads?  There used to be a large Scarab doing the Bath Road, Turnham Green Terrace and other principal roads.  Occasionally I see a small machine which does not have the capacity for even half what it is required to pick up.

Remember that Hounslow signed a 25 year PFI Agreement and we are barely into it and the service being offered is to take the profit and not give the service.  Since this came into being there are a constant series of complaints about almost all the services they provide.

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