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Topic: Re:Re:Filthy High Road again!
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 31/10/14 17:33:00

Last week i noticed 3 points where bags and spit bags had been placed out for collection and all 3 had considerable non bag rubbish including things like bits of furniture,an old vacuum cleaner and a suit case.

The 3 points were outside the bike shop Fudge & Sons beside the tree trunk. Also beside the tree trunk opposite the doors to the flats above the Roebuck and beside the wall in Thornton Avenue on the corner of TGT which seems to always attract all bits and pieces of crap.

Strangely if you look at the bike shop on Google maps you will see what can look pretty ugly during the day. Even if its a year old. Just gives you a general look at what should not be.


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