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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Richmond Park cyclists
Posted by: Trudie Fuller
Date/Time: 24/09/14 23:13:00

In reply to Michael's comments "The OP needs to  stop pressing her nose against the windscreen and fixating on the inaccessible lycra bums going by, control her seething resentment and her vehicle.
My advice would be she should get a bike and go to the park."
1/ OAP might be better than OP!
2/ I don't have any seething resentment - I was mildly reporting what I'd seen;
3/ Far too old and tottery to take to a tricycle let alone a 2 wheeler;
4/ I was going for tea in Pembroke Lodge and very good it was too - most impressed with the work they doing in the gardens there too;
5/ After tea continued the circuit round the Park at a leisurely 20mph or less - saw 2 pure white does and a very beautiful fallow deer stag with full head of magnificient.
antlers in between being overtaken by racing bikes who obviously were there to race and not to view anything other than the tarmac.   These racers far outweighed the pleasure cyclists who potter along enjoying the Park and the animals and who co-exist very happily with the 20mph cars.

Finally, thank you for explaining about the cycle track only being suitable for off road bikes.

I shall continue to visit Richmond Park by car with other OAP friends to go for tea; visit the Ponds; walk across to the Isabella Plantation and circle around to see the deer or sit and enjoy the beauty and peace of the Park.

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