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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Richmond Park cyclists
Posted by: Chris Blishen
Date/Time: 24/09/14 20:29:00

Cyclists in Richmond Park can only use the roads, cycle paths and some hard paths. The Beckwith Brothers donated the path that runs around the outside (it's dual cycle/pedestrian). It was fine initially for those with all terrain or mountain bikes but then pedestrians (who can walk anywhere in the park) started to use it frequently for easier walking with babies in buggies etc. The 20 mph applies to most of it but quite honestly with the amount of people walking on it, it's not safe to go that fast. I spoke to the Parks Police about this some long time ago and they advised that the Royal Parks' solution to this issue would be to reduce the speed limit on the path to 10 mph all the way round!
On the weekends the roads are ridiculously over crowded with both cars and cycles.The only accident I have actually seen was when a cyclist ran straight into another one at the R/A near Sheen Gate (he wasn't paying attention) - luckily no injurues. It's only a matter of time before there is another serious accident in the Park. The authorities will do nothing until it gets completeley out of hand as they beliove they have to give free access to everyone. Personally I don't what the answer is: more sensible cycling from some cyclists, more sensible driving from some motorists, banning cars on some Sundays (although I think there will really be speed issues with some cyclists in that case, one way flow of traffic perhaps. if anyone has some good suggestions stick them up here on the post!

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