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Posted by: Steve Taylor
Date/Time: 24/09/14 21:02:00

Code of Conduct: Considerate Cycling

Be considerate!

Pedestrians have priority over all other users of pathways, even in areas designated and marked for other purposes. You are asked to use these pathways considerately, especially when passing.

Be safe - Please adhere to all pathways and road markings. Cycle only on designated cycle paths

We recommend you wear British Standard approved protective equipment. Always observe the speed limit of the track you are on - that may be as low as 5mph! Our pathways are not suitable for fast travel. If you are in a hurry, you may wish to use another route.

Remain watchful on roads - the scenery may be lovely but you are still sharing these areas with motorists. A number of roadways across the parks are designated for parks vehicles. Cyclists may only use these roads if they are designated cycle routes.

Be seen and heard

Using a bell and/or wearing high visibility clothing will help others be aware of your presence (some park visitors may have a visual or hearing impairment). Use British Standard approved lights in low visibility conditions.

Be polite

Thank other park visitors who allow you to over take or pass them.


Please consider wildlife by keeping to designated cycle paths. This is essential in all parks but particularly vital in Bushy Park and Richmond Park (National Nature Reserve). Note: Off track cycling is NOT allowed in any of the parks.

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