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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Richmond Park cyclists
Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 24/09/14 13:38:00

I agree that there's little pleasure to be gained from driving in Richmond Park, on the very rare occasions I go through the park by car I hate the conflict between sticking to the 20 mph limit whilst occasionally having to judge the right time to pass slower moving leisure cyclists, and at the same time having 'serious' cyclists overtaking or undertaking you.  As I said earlier, quite how anyone can derive much pleasure from either driving through, or cycling round the road circuit, during busy periods is beyond me.

Equally as I said earlier if the park was only open to cyclists and pedestrian traffic I do think the road would become something akin to a uncontrolled team trial stage of one of the major tours, which even as a keen cyclist isn't something I see as being ideal or remotely attractive to the wide range of users of the park - I may be wrong but sometimes I sense that many 'serious' cyclists think that everyone is out on a bike to beat their PB, rather than just to gain pleasure from merely being on a bike.

So what's the solution ?.  Built another tarmac road just on the inside or the outside of the existing road circuit and make that exclusively for cyclists, and the existing road exclusively for vehicles ?. 

Clearly that'll never happen, and as I've posted before as a country we need to be careful not to solely focus attempts to encourage more people to cycle on the basis that cyclists are always going to be segregated from vehicular traffic, but also on better training opportunities for adult cyclists who may not be confident of cycling with traffic.

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