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Posted by: Andrew Cumming
Date/Time: 13/08/14 13:05:00

The argument for independence (for most people) isn't to do with any animosity towards England - historical or otherwise.

To be honest, I canít vote and Iím not completely sure how I would vote even if I could.

But....Imagine the situation was reversed. Parliament was in Edinburgh, huge investment was ploughed into the city while the rest of the country was largely ignored, England was subjected to long periods of SNP government even though nobody there voted for them, the SNP trialled controversial taxes on England before applying them elsewhere, money was being siphoned away from rich oilfields off the coast of Cornwall whilst the media still portray the English as scroungers living off their Scottish benefactors. Oh, and to top it all off, they plonk a great big nuclear submarine base in the Thames Estuary. Independence doesnít sound so bad now eh?

The argument for independence isnít to do with escaping England, itís based on a chance to escape the neoliberal rat trap that is Westminster and for Scotland to have a government that it actually voted for. TBH, Iím sure a lot of folk in the North of England and Wales might actually prefer to join them. Would it be easy? No. Would there be large problems to get over? Yes. Would Scotland get over them in time? Probably. To be honest, nobody really has an idea of how things would pan out and the people who pretend they do tend to be the most woefully ignorant.

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