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Topic: Misleading suspension sign
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Posted by: Diane Bardon
Date/Time: 10/04/19 11:47:00

Last autumn  I parked my car in near by road where they were various suspensions signs  because of tree pruning so  I checked the suspension signs on the post near where I parked and they were two triangles .The top one was facing the road with the suspension date for next date while the lower one  had no date on it.
They were also tree surgeons  working near by so I checked with one of them if It was safe to park there and he replied “yes we are not going to do any work on this side on that day “  .
When I returned back to my vehicle I was so surprised to see a PCN  on my window screen .
I could not understand how the  other suspension sign appeared !
Few day later I  found out from one of the residents the second suspension triangle for the work scheduled on that day  was turned around towards the houses by one of the tree surgeons as they decided not to do any work on that day on near where I parked but the warden turned back the lower suspension sign to the road to take a better photo and  issued me with a PCN .
Since I received this pcn I appealed to Hounslow Parking but they refused to cancel the PCN I also  I appealed it to London Tribunal but they also rejected my appeal .
To my knowledge and understanding if two suspension signs erected on post one facing the road while the other one turned around to the houses  then the only sign valid is the one facing the road .
if a road sign does not face the carriage way then it  is misleading to the motorist  and if two suspension signs erected on one post valid although one  of them turned around to the houses then suspension signs should have the date printed on the three faces so it is clearer to the motorist what ever way these triangle face .

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