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Topic: Re: Dear Claire..
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 15/01/16 21:03:00

Dear Claire Moran

Philippa's thought-provoking thread was about loneliness.

Quite by happenstance, your ugly intervention (far from being a hijack) is just about (by the skin of its teeth) remotely linked to our theme.

But instead of dealing with internet loneliness, you provide a perfect example of a quite different category - those very few amongst us who demand constant attention and absolute respect for their (ill-considered) opinion here in the unreal world of social media.  And then throw the crockery at the wall when the don't get their way.

Your personal abuse is constant as ever, ugly as ever, ill-considered as ever, exaggerated beyond belief and not worthy of comment.  Although I note that this time you've carefully stopped just short of the line you overstepped a few months ago re my wife – a previous offence that still might see you in court.

As it happens Claire, the worst thing I've ever written about you – something I've said many times and something I know drives you to distraction – is that you're not very bright.  Certainly nowhere near as bright as you see yourself.

And this is the reason quite a few folk on this forum are always so ready to bring you down to ground level.  Sadly, you've never worked out  have you?   That you're but the tiniest minnow in this, the tiniest of sweet ponds. And the obvious fact of your being tuned-in to a local forum night and day, monitoring and giving vent, says everything anyone needs to know about the little life you lead.  You may imagine you're the CEO and that this is your boardroom for as long as you fancy.  Just don't expect others to play up to your self delusions.

A further point worth mentioning Claire. 

For my part, I've always accepted that I may have upset one or two in my time on here.  But (other than your good self) that's never been my intention.  More usually just part of the rough-and-tumble of forum exchanges.  Where, in case you haven't noticed, I'm nowadays very rarely engaged.

However – and for your own spiteful reasons, you always make a point of attempting to drag other (anonymous) forumers in to your abusive posts – people that are fellow victims of Stu's vitriol. Presumably frightened souls too afraid to post on here who see you as a modern day Joan of Arc – and their saviour. 

Putting your own delusions aside - sure, there must be a few I've upset over years (some that I know about).  I'd plead guilty as charged and ask the judge to let me off with a warning on account of me being ever so lovely in real life.  

But over this past two years, here on CW4 there is only the ONE person who finds herself occasionally in my dim headlights.  And the headlights of others you know about – what you call the cabal.  You're quite mistaken to go on saying “we” – it's YOU.

And this “cabal” you go on about – if it does exist, it exists exclusively for Claire Moran.

PS:- Unlike your good self, I've NEVER have the temerity to come onto a place like this and demand someone to go.  Even in your extreme case, I've always wanted you to stay Claire.  You serve as a warning of what happens to the mind of all those who seek to control.

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