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Topic: Re:Re:The Age of Loneliness
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 15/01/16 11:13:00


You're probably bang on the button here. I haven't seen it yet but the programme was extremely well reviewed - I'll try and find time to watch.

I've long been fascinated by the dehumanising effect of the internet on those who live alone. Particularly apparent on social media, websites like Facebook and even, in a few cases, this forum.

A lot of what's written on social media is, I'm sure, the product of isolation and loneliness. And whilst I freely admit I don't know what I'm talking about here, I still suspect the internet is no substitute for life out there in the real world. Maybe social media contact can seem to alleviate loneliness. But that in itself may be a trap door, through which victims are lured, only to spiral headlong down a dark shaft leading to a silent world that exists only on a computer screen.

I simply don't buy any concept of cyber friendship.

As I don't buy cyber love or cyber hatred.

Clearly cyber fear is real. But it's only real to those who have already been sucked into the cyber world.  And I've never understood why people are so desperate to reveal more and more intimate details of their lives to perfect strangers. Unless it's to do with isolation reaching out into the unknown for even the slightest touch of human reality in short, loneliness.

Just musing...

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