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Topic: Re:Re:Re:The Age of Loneliness
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 15/01/16 18:17:00


'I haven't seen it yet but..'

'the dehumanising effect of the Internet'

'As I freely admit I don't know what I am talking about' - the first admission of something that has been blatantly obvious to us Forum members for years..

'The Internet is no substitute for life out there in the real world'

'a silent world that exists only on a computer screen'

As I don't buy cyber love or cyber hatred.

'Clearly cyber fear is real.  But it's only real to those who have already been sucked into the cyber world.   And I've never understood why people are so desperate to reveal more and more intimate details of their lives to perfect strangers.'

A few of us, Kerr, the King Troll of nasty, spiteful comments on here to people you have never met, many of them very nice, charming people who have been left aghast and horrified at your vitriolic reactions to perfectly pleasant posts from them - to the extent that some have never posted again I could write a long list of names - have cried with laughter reading these words from clearly one of the loneliest old cyberbullies on W4 - YOU, STUART KERR.

You have, sometimes singelhandedly, sometimes with your mates - mainly Osborne and Wynne but a few others - been responsible for many people leaving the forum because of your nasty comments on here. 

I don't think we will stop being alternately amazed at your lack of self-knowledge or amused at your total hypocrisy or amazed at the sheer nastiness of your cyberbullying on this forum - for which you have been reported both to the forum and the police -  for a very long time. 

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