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Topic: Re:Re:cat kitter advice?
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 23/11/15 14:26:00

The way the system works is brackets (which the guy at Protectapuss makes himself) sloping inwards over the garden and nailed high up on the fence which needs to be around 5 foot high at least.   He uses smaller brackets and less netting to keep the unsightliness down where there is no chance of escape and larger brackets and more netting where there is a risk.  He puts a skirt round trees but high enough that they can still climb a bit, and sorts a way so you can still open your back garden gate while not allowing any escapes when the gate is shut. He netted round the top of the garden shed too - a shame as they used to like the view from there but he thought it was too risky to put netting over it, the chance of escape was too great.  

He asked me to take a lot of pictures of the garden to email to him so he could get an idea of any problems, but he really is very good at knowing all the ways cats can get out and put some netting even at the bottom of the fence to cover little gaps there.   It works on the theory that cats can't climb backwards, and as long as I check the netting to make sure no squirrels have bitten through and don't put tables etc too near so they could leap on top of the netting it has worked very well so far for three years, even for my houdini escape artist who can jump some eight feet.   Now I have grown bushes through it and climbing plants over it it is virtually invisible although for a year or two you can see it of course.  He is a very nice guy. 

OK it is an expense but if you are not planning to move it is a brilliant investment, I am so glad I did it, being able to leave the French doors open for them to wander in and out is great, without worrying they will get into trouble, especially if you have multiple cats.  As I mentioned before he is based in the North and tended to do it in school holidays as he teaches so if people are thinking of doing it probably best to get together and get him to do a couple of gardens while he is down if you are Chiswick based.

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