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Topic: Re:cat kitter advice?
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 22/11/15 11:55:00

It might be stress or it might just be not being able to go outside.  Maybe try some other litters that are more "earthy"?  See how they are 3 days after your move - it could be a lot better, and you will also probably see a further relaxation in them after 3 weeks.  No idea why, but 3 days and 3 weeks always seem to be change in routine turning points!

Give them more than one litter tray with a choice of litters and see which they prefer.  As someone else mentioned, Feliway is great for relaxing them and is natural cat pheromones - you won't smell it.  Best value place to buy it from that I've found is  Very reliable and great value online cat supply shopping.

At 10 years old they are probably past the playing stage, but maybe as they have less to stimulate them, get them a new cat tree, try hiding treats for them to find, or try a cat Kong toy. 

At this stage, don't get too anxious yourself about their behaviour as they will pick it up.  Easy to say, hard to do!!!

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