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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Empire House
Posted by: Jason Maddocks
Date/Time: 29/10/15 12:34:00

I tend to shy away from giving my opinion on the forum, particularly on sensitive issues where offence might be caused.

On this occasion I will make an exception.

I am a Chiswick resident and I have no issues with the proposed Lend Lease building.  In fact I rather like it.  I look forward to seeing it inevitably replace the black eyesore and its empty stores that currently sit beneath.

I am a business owner and I welcome progression in this great city.  There is an opportunity here for an otherwise neglected section of our area to be revitalised and made relevant.  Tall buildings make no odds to me.  It certainly couldn’t look any worse than it already does.

This is my opinion and we are all entitled to one.  I genuinely admire the efforts of all involved in putting forward their strong opinions against the development and their challenge to prevent it from happening.  However, there comes a point at which you have to concede that you have lost the battle.  There is no shame in losing your efforts were valiant.

Therefore, Mr Kverndal, if you are listening, let the people build.  You do not represent the interests and opinions of everyone in Chiswick.  We have had the benefit of independent advice from an expert, on this very thread, that you have little chance of a successful further challenge.  There are worse things that happen and more important things to channel your impressive skills and energies on.  Please save us the pain of more delays not to mention the waste your supporter’s money and let the people build.

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