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Topic: Re:Euro car parks
Posted by: Lynn Clark
Date/Time: 18/09/15 05:17:00

i received a 'PCN' from a company called MET about 3 years ago, for overstaying in a free car park by 20 mins.  As someone has mentioned, these documents are only an invoice.  I was a customer in the shop of the car park and honestly hadn't realised there was any time restriction.  As I was a customer and had receipts to prove it I was happy that there had been some sort of mistake, but the shop (a corporation with many branches) was not interested.  I did my research on the Internet and decided to follow the advice and experience of others; I sat tight and did nothing.  I must say that I was so infuriated by the situation I would have been happy for them to take me to court!  They sent me demanding letters for approx. a year, including threatening to send bailiffs. I did not respond and they gave up. I have read that approx. 50% of people just pay up, either thinking it is a legal PCN or because they can't take the stress of receiving the demanding letters.  This is what they rely on. Obviously it's up to you what you do but I am so glad I did not pay up or respond to them.  I would do it again.  Of course if you take that action you must always be prepared for the very slight chance that they will take you to court, however, I understand such companies are reluctant to do so as they rarely win.

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