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Topic: Re:Euro car parks
Posted by: Andrew Jones
Date/Time: 16/09/15 12:25:00

Hi there,

Was it a car park they were managing for a shop?

If it was, then approaching the shop might be a better way of going about it. Euro Car parks would have the contract with the shop so the shop could request Euro Car Parks to drop the invoice - as a gesture of good will to one of their customers and to avoid the risk of bad publicity.

The advice Nick posted is a now out of date, and there is an appeal outcome pending at the Supreme Court relating to whether penalties like yours can be enforced. Barry Beavis is the appellant against a decision that went in favour of the parking company Parking Eye. Parking Eye were trying to enforce an 85 penalty for an overstay of less than 1 hour, and the whole parking industry is awaiting the outcome of the appeal.

The days of ignoring the invoices until they go away have finished, unless the supreme court decision goes in favour of Barry Beavis.

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