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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 28/07/15 16:32:00

Well, you are right Jonathan but if the EU's massive fines of the UK government for forcing us to breathe toxic air doesn't work I am not sure there is much we can do.  However, there is still the opportunity to campaign against adding to it with a third runway.  A government group has been set up to examine what Davies said about the impact of a third runway on air quality.  It's remit seems to be to find a way round it or to ignore it and is specifically to look at :-

• Whether the indicative policies and proposed mitigations set out in the Airports Commission’s recommended option are realistic and achievable.

• What the implications of adopting or not adopting those policies and mitigations are for wider government policy.

• Whether realistic and achievable alternatives to those policies and mitigations exist, should the government adopt the recommended option.

• What steps the government should take in these areas to reach its decision in a way that is consistent with its commitments on sustainable development

and see the following link where a number of MPs have urged the government to take the issue of air quality in West London seriously, not, sadly signed by Rupa Huq:-

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