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Posted by: Jonathan Bingham
Date/Time: 28/07/15 15:17:00

The question is not how many people are killed by air pollution a year in London, it is how many extra would be killed if Heathrow had an extra runway.
Right now not enough people care about London's air, it is virtually never mentioned on this forum except in relation to the third runway. People voted for Boris after he deliberately delayed pollution controls and they kicked out Ken who was the only guy in power actually trying to do anything about it. We have days when people are advised to stay indoors, it's a disgrace.
If you only complain when the third runway is mentioned it's like drowning in the Atlantic and getting upset when it rains.
And expecting the current government to give any weight to environmental issues is especially optimistic -they are busy chucking out any environmental baggage that they  brought over from the previous government - including everything they promised because they were worried about getting a majority.

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