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Topic: The larest with Heathrow
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 27/07/15 19:36:00

In today's ES.
"More want new airport, not Heathrow expansion".
The new findings, in an IPSOS MORI  survey for the ES, will revive the debate about proposals for a Thames Estuary airport.
30% favoured an entirely new site. 24% backed a 2nd runway at Gatwick, 22% preferred a bigger Heathrow.
By far the biggest concern over expansion was the impact on the natural environment.
39% named this as  one of the most important issues the Government should consider.
How much noise such a development would create was cited by 30%. This was double the figure for generating jobs and economic growth ( which would in any case be the case with a new airport )
Sir Howard- the new Royal Bank Of Scotland chairman concluded that the economic benefits of a bigger Heathrow outweighed the environmental impacts.
This stance could be challenged in court.
The environmental benefits of an Estuary airport would include renewable energy from the oceans, solar and wind.

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