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Posted by: Joe Conneely
Date/Time: 24/07/15 05:31:00

Sam's comments had me thinking that political parties are much like football clubs in many ways - the members/fans think they own it and have a say because they pay the price of entry but the reality is they only want success (Chelsea and how Abramovich runs it being the epitome of how fans can be controlled).

Shareholders in companies in theory own the company but unless a major shareholder in most quoted public companies the reality is the key directors and any key shareholder run the company. The recent departure of the Barclays CEO was more he was not getting on with cleaning out the stables fast enough or considered to have the strategic mindset needed to steer the bank forward rather than an investment banking argument from all I have read.

All of which gets me to my simple point that whatever the organisation type it is lack of stewardship (leaving the entity in a better state than when joined) and strategy (key and simple concepts that can be well communicated even if implementation is not as simple) that results in the myth that lack of leadership and the need to bring in new and overpaid is produced as the panacea. 

In politics the same applies and is endlessly defeated by the short termism of most recent party leaders. The result is those party leaders only want one thing from their party members which is unfailing loyalty and not questioning of their "policies"!

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