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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Politics in this Country
Posted by: Cllr Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 23/07/15 14:07:00

My experience with charities both large and small is that much of this working out of core objectives, mission, target audiences etc lasts about as long as the term of office of the current CEO and Chairman of Trustees.

The underlying charitable objectives lodged with the Charity Commission may remain the same for generations but nothing much else.

The nice shiny posters and the mugs with motivational slogans all go in the bin. A new set of external consultants is appointed at huge cost to help the organisation to "transform" - and the band plays on.

It is a common occurrence for a new Chair of Trustees to be appointed and for the CEO to leave within a year saying that "there are irreconcilable differences about the strategic direction of the organisation".

If you believe that in this respect most well run charities are any different from large political parties I think that you are sadly mistaken.

Of course the bureaucrats at the heart of national political parties work out their target audiences, segmented messaging, communication and feedback mechanisms but this does not ensure that volunteers/activists and elected representatives stay on message. For some strange reasons the activists believe that "The Party" belongs to them.....

For anyone who is interested I would suggest searching Youtube for beefeater tour of the Tower of London. This comes in three bite sized chunks and features a totally non-pc yeoman warder expressing pungent views that do not "exactly align" with the corporate policies of his employer Historic Royal Palaces (a large registered charity).

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