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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Politics in this Country
Posted by: Cllr Sam Hearn
Date/Time: 23/07/15 12:15:00

"Why can't political parties have the discipline that any decent company in the commercial sector would have?"

Claire, management guru Charles Handy wrote a really interesting book called "Understanding Voluntary Organisations". If you read this things may become a little clearer.

Have you ever worked for an organisation in which most of the active participants are not paid employees but volunteers? Have you ever been actively involved with a political party?

How do you "fire" a volunteer who refuses to use the internet for communication or does not turn up when they have said that they would.

People have tried to apply business disciplines to political parties over the years with varying degrees of success. Clearly there are aspects of most political parties that do benefit from modern management techniques e.g. financial control, marketing/advertising/comms, IT. Other aspects are much less amenable to this approach.  

Personally I blame it all on Benjamin Disraeli who created the "modern" Conservative Party and established the local cell structure that has been imitated by almost every successful political party across the world. Centralising party bureaucrats of all parties hate the amorphousness of the cell structure but it has proved a remarkably resilient method for organising at the grass-roots level and it is only in the age of the internet and social media that it is really being successfully challenged. 

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