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Topic: Re:Politics in this Country
Posted by: Richard Greenhough
Date/Time: 23/07/15 09:13:00

All political parties are coalitions that broadly agree but have significant differing views internally. The Conservatives have a range of views on EU membership and Heathrow expansion which their leader has to try and balance to keep his MPs on board.

Labour has those who would nationalise everything and those who want to work with capitalism. They are never all going to agree on what they want, with perhaps the most crucial question being what shibboleths they are prepared to sacrifice for the chance of regaining power. No leader can tick all the boxes for every MP, let alone all the other party supporters. The recent defiance of Harriet Harman's position on welfare reform suggests the next leader, whoever it is, will have to deal with a very unruly bunch of MPs who are not serious about regaining power in the foreseeable future.

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