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Topic: Re:Re:parking permit
Posted by: Mary Devine
Date/Time: 04/06/15 12:36:00

Hounslow parking permit system is ridiculous. I hold a Zone CC Business Permit, which I pay handsomely for.  I had a similar problem, when I had to get a temporary permit for a hire car, when my car was in the garage.  Emailed Hounslow to request temporary cover, and got a generated reply saying 'would respond back within 10 days', which didn't help, as I only had the hire car for 5 days in total. Because I never received confirmation in time, I couldn't actually take my car to work for quite a few of those days.  I did ring up and complain and received a letter saying that they were sorry to hear of this inconvenience, but explained that it wasn't their responsibility as it was an outside source that is in charge of this process...At least I felt better for complaining...

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