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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 01/06/15 14:46:00

Madeleine, the person has been reported both to Hounslow Council and to the RSPCA.  It is difficult for them to do much as - amazingly, it is not illegal to leave a dog in the back of a car, muzzled, on a lead, in a crate, without water, overnight no matter how miserable they are.  And we know for a fact dogs were howling because they were freezing cold in sub zero temperatures over the winter, that is how we came to know about it. The windows are partially blacked out so it is difficult to see but some pictures were got on many occasions with many different dogs, nonetheless.   

I do not know if this person is still trading, it is difficult to keep checking cars in Grove Park, we sincerely hope not.  It is total deception of the owners who think their dogs are happy and well cared for and am, I am sure, paying a lot of money so that they will be.  

I believe, and Tony Bull I am sure will correct me if I am wrong, that no one in Chiswick, or the Hounslow part anyway, has a licence for dog walking/caring. 

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